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Note me if you want to exchange contact info.

Potentially, we might use Discord for chats during future streams for higher reliability/an archive.
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As some of you may remember, I did intend to stream something special this week. HOWEVER, seeing as how another service had the same idea, I had to change tactics. 

The theme of the upcoming stream is a beloved Fox show based on an imported concept. In fact, this is a LONG-AWAITED return from prior streams.

The tentative schedule includes one full season of Hell's Kitchen and potential surprises at the end. Remember: like ALL reality shows, the majority of the mass incompetence is in the first half. Plus, the people who arrive early will get to choose between the censored and uncensored version. Do you believe that the most incompetent man ever won't be eliminated during the first episode of a cooking show? YOU WILL. 

If the response is what I hope it might be, we might end up watching the majority of the series along with some other 'RAW' things. 

Stream 44: You Can [Not] Cook - 1:00 PM [PST] to Midnight…
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>planned on doing something special next week
>suddenly find out that Twitch had a similar idea, yet they're taking it to the logical conclusion
>realize that the other possible component is too 'niche' to make my presentation stand-out

So, yeah.

To say that I'm demoralized is an understatement. Granted, the scales are hardly comparable, but there isn't any reason for me to even try in this case.

Not that anyone cares about my shit.
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Making this announcement might be a bit premature, but I do want to offer another chance for a '100K Kiriban'-style GET. 

If you get the 123,456th view, screencap it and present it publicly, I'll try to reward you in some fashion.

Edit: The moment has passed, post a screencap if you got it.

Edit 2: It seems that none other than :iconsexyhaxorus: [Olivia to long time followers] got the screencap. 

You're Winner ! [Kiriban] by SexyHaxorus


Your prize is one 'no questions asked' item request for a future stream and some type of story. Whether or not the latter is posted publicly depends entirely on the discretion of the winner.
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Part 2 is now live

EoC 1: - 

>Dawn of Justice: EXTENDED CUT
>Gods of Egypt
>Max Steel 2016
>GB 2016
>[Surprise if Hoffi is present]
>FFXV movie
>Hillary's America

EoC 2: - 

>Wolf of Wall Street
>Jupiter Ascending
>Hardcore Henry [GUARANTEED to not cause seizures this time]
>Collateral Beauty
>[Another Surprise]
>Deadfall (1993)
[Depending on audience mood, we might only watch either Nine Lives OR After Earth after that. I am aware that we did go pretty late last night.]

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that the Thursday stream from 'GLORIOUS MIRACLE OVERDRIVE' stream didn't happen. Naturally, I intend to rectify this absence, but simply doing a 'lost content' stream would be pretty boring.

My only option was to outdo what had previously been my most intense concentration of media. 2016 certainly had its fair share of shit films that hadn't already managed to weasel their way into my prior streams. Plus, I DID promise a few people that I would show a certain 'attempted reboot' film ONLY in the event of Trump winning the Presidency and making it to inauguration.

So, what else is in the pool?

>Jupiter Ascending
>Gods of Egypt
>Hillary's America
[YES, that documentary]
>After Earth [At least I'm not showing ID4: Resurgence]
>Nine Lives
>Collateral Beauty
>finally showing Hardcore Henry [REALLY this time]
>[A few surprises/dependent on the mail]

Additionally, one of my IRL friends offered me access to a few things that should interest my regulars.

>DAWN OF JUSTICE: EXTENDED CUT [I'm going to show this early in 'extra' time since it is a rough 3 hours]
>the FFXV tie-in movie [as opposed to the simply boring Warcraft movie]

 Oh yeah, one last thing....

Loss by EmilyRees

I'm going to premiere another ridiculous piece of lost/obscure media during the stream. Long-term followers will know that I have been looking for this media for over five years. You'd best start believing in meme magic if you don't already.

The tentative schedule is to start at 1:00 PM [PST] on January 28th with BvS: DoJ EC and then wholly fresh content after that until Midnight [PST]. Depending on reception, I might adopt a similar schedule for the following day to finally show 'Pokemon Vs. Bionicle: BATTLE OF THE UNIVERSE' [which is TOTALLY not a Kingdom Hearts ripoff]. My aim is to show 20 hours of content over 2 days.

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2016 The Image by EmilyRees

Not pictured:
- Something symbolizing FINALLY getting around to playing through the Neptunia series
- My check from Vladimir Putin for being a Russian agent [This is what the mainstream media actually believes]
- The rest of "Season of the Bitch"

This really was one hell of a year, wasn't it?

Let's briefly review some of the madness that happened.

1. Hillary Clinton started a war with a cartoon frog and LOST

2. The Panama Papers show that pretty much every non-US government is corrupt WHILE the DNC leaks show strong indications that the current US government is corrupt AND incompetent. [Admittedly, this is an EXTREME simplification for the sake of brevity. Things like #pizzagate will be discussed in more detail once more concrete details come out that confirm/deny allegations.]

3. The missing 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission Report were released. LAWL, Saudi official involvement probable.

4. Meme magic is real


So, depending on how things go, we might either be in the calm before an even greater storm ['let's start World War 3 with no evidence!'] or the dawn of a whole new level of memes becoming reality.

Happy 2017
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Merry Christmas

Thanks to everyone who came to the streams. I may or may not have something holiday-related up in the coming days.
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Update 2: I'm moving forward with the streams on 12/23 and 12/24 as planned [12/23 stream will be a hybrid. Show up to vote for viewing order]

Update: Due to technical issues with Livestream, I am going to skip the show tonight [12/22] in order to troubleshoot at a more advanced level. Thank you for understanding.


Day 1 [12/19] 4:00 PM [PST] - Midnight:…

Including, in no particular order:

- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
- Spy Kids 3: Game Over
- Winnie the Pooh talking about how to avoid child molestors/John Podesta
- Two episodes of VAN PIRES: TRANSFORM [I found the WHOLE series just 4U]
- A special Ugandan film

Additionally, there will be a 'naughty or nice' LIVE choice. What does that entail? You'll need to be there to see.

Day 2 [12/20] 4:00 PM - Midnight:…

- Two more episodes of VAN PIRES: TRANSFORM [True for EVERY following day]
- Small Soldiers
- Important safety tips to avoid fires
- The start of World Peace

Day 3 [12/21] 4:00 PM - Midnight:…

- Gremlins 2: The New Batch
- Gigli
A new Rifftrax experience
- Nutshack

Day 4 [12/22] 4:00 PM - Midnight: [POSTPONED/Shelved]

- Hardcore Henry
- Jupiter Ascending
or Southland Tales 
Two episodes of VR Troopers
- Resident Evil: Afterlife
- SHREK Holiday Special

Day 5 [12/23] 4:00 PM - Midnight:…

- More VR Troopers
- DIGIMON: The Movie [with short]
- Pokemon Vs. Bionicle Battle of the Universe [Moved to another time]
- 60's Batman and various ripoffs from later on
- ????? [More to be revealed in the coming days]

Day 6 [12/24] Noon - Midnight:…

>Power Rangers Christmas Specials
>Master of Disguise
>Home Alone
>a few surprises
>Star Wars: Holiday Special for the third year in a row

See you there.
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2016 has been one hell of a year, hasn't it? Originally, I was simply going to announce a one day holiday-centric stream and leave it at that. However, as I looked over the 'lost content' from my external hard drives transferring into my new 'always plugged in' 4TB secondary drive, an opportunity presented itself. Why limit myself to a theme when these streams have always been about the audience?

Limits are, in fact, made to be broken, no? Why should I only give you one day when I can give you OVER 50 hours of content over the course of a week?

I am pleased to announce 'GLORIOUS MIRACLE STREAM OVERDRIVE 2016' from December 19th through the 24th. Monday through Friday will have eight hours of content nightly while Saturday provides a solid twelve hours of content. 

What goodies do you have to look forward to?


Home Alone 1
[Lost content from 2014]
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Jupiter Ascending
[A request]
The best Batman film of the year [Hint: 60's]
Hell Comes to Frog Town
Ghost Dad
Spy Kids 3
[A request]
Master of Disguise [A Request]
The Last Airbender [FINALLY]
Small Soldiers
Hardcore Henry [FOR REAL THIS TIME]
Pokemon Vs. Bionicle: Battle for the Universe [Request]
VR Troopers [Quality concerns previously]
More tokusatsu than you ever expected
THE COBRAMAN [Long overdue request]

That is in conjunction with 'totally becoming holiday staples' such as the He-Man Christmas Special, Sonic Christmas Blast, Alf's Christmas and, oh yeah, Arthur's Magical Christmas. There's so much content that you'll just need to attend to see all of it. Links will come in time.


Now comes the 'less cheerful' part of the update that I'm sure at least some of you are interested in. 'Season of the Bitch' will continue in some form in the coming days, but not necessarily as I had intended it. Put simply, the engagement rate wasn't high enough to justify the intense cramming that circumstances forced it to become. I deeply regret opting for the 'friends' suggestions' approach because one person's delay crippled the amount of pre-writing I could do prior to the release of the stories. I really should have learned from the 'meh' response to the kiriban than the 'engagement' really isn't on-site. Chances are high that most people won't even read this 'calling out' below the stream content list. Are there people who read my stuff? Of course. I do feel bad that my botched attempts at increased 'interaction' outside of drama have negatively impacted their ability to follow my stories. At the same time, some type of engagement is necessary to keep me invested enough to post here.  Let's be completely honest here: my written work IS worthless.

Honest question: do you hate my characters? I hold back a LOT since the overall reception to many of them has been pretty 'meh', if not total disinterest.

The 'free market' wants a flood of 'quantity over quality' content that includes one sentence per post RPs, template crap and generally off-putting content simply 'for the sake of it'. Whoops! I nearly forgot that I can't even bring up the notion of quality control without sparking some type of drama. The question is whether or not anyone will actually read this section and reply. 

I ended up getting a PS4 Slim as a gift. Plz no bully.
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Edit 1:… - Stream link for Day #1

Tentative schedule includes Space Jam, Hardcore Henry, Suicide Squad and the first WWE/Scooby Doo crossover. Actual air-time will vary depending on audience.

Edit 2:…

Hardcore Henry moved in hopes of addressing technical issues.

>tfw dank memes killed TPP and elected a President

Praise Kek


SO, without addressing a certain pressing issue, now is the time to announce the NEXT streaming experience.

"Loose Ends: Dank and Meme Versions"

That's right! TWO DAYS streaming various things alluded to/mentioned previously/otherwise unrelated collide together with the animosity that ONLY my stream model can deliver. Here's what you'll get across the 'Dank Version' and 'Meme Version' days.

- Marvel's Civil War
- Suicide Squad:
Extended Edition
- BOTH Scooby Doo/WWE Crossovers
- Eli Roth's Clown
- John Wick
- Hardcore Henry

Additionally, we're going to see some old staples return again completely fresh
- Space Jam
- A NEW version of The Wizard [1989] thanks to :iconplatinummanaxl: 
- Troll 2... When is it not a viable time to watch that?

There are bound to be a few surprises that I don't list in advance.

The first stream begins on Saturday at 4:00 PM [PST] and runs past Midnight. The second one operates from 4:00 PM [PST] to Midnight as well. Links will be posted the morning of the streams.

Hope to see you there. Also, I will acknowledge that 'issue' in the coming week.
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Update 10/23: IRL factors and feelings of dissatisfaction with the draft of Day 5's story have made me delay it until tomorrow. The plan is to have both 5 and 6 out tomorrow. 


I've decided to try my hand at a 'timed challenge' as an excuse to write some weirder TFs in a loosely-connected larger story. The Season of the Bitch is upon us and it is time to harvest whatever that may bring. Barring extreme circumstances, the plan is to have a new section of the story done daily until the conclusion. With the exception of tomorrow's segment, all of the stories will include a bizarre transformation that can only happen when Emily and someone else team up in a road trip from Las Vegas to New York City. Some of YOU* will even guest star as lucky victims.

[* arrangements made in advance; participation in later stories is possible if you're willing to put up with my choice. Many will enter; few will win. Offer void in Alaska and Puerto Rico.]

Here are a FEW hints as to what is to come. [Some hints are strictly tone]

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Edit: Here's the link…


Where were you when shitposting transcended to the next level?

>400 pound person on their bed


Did you ever think that one of the scariest eras in human history would be this dank? Kek is real and he's got dubs.

It is in that vein that I have decided to accelerate my plans for my next stream. I'm aiming for October 1st from Noon [PST] onward [mostly to not conflict with :iconjonesycat79:'s 'Month of Evangelion' September event]. I've opted for a mix of content to prevent 'action fatigue' that came during the marathon of super hero movies streams.

Here's the planned 'pool' [Depending on orders]

- Two 'good' Marvel movies [hint: Insects and SPACE SHIT]
- Drive (2011)
- American Psycho
and potentially more!

Details will be confirmed in the coming days. I hope to see you there.
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NO, IT'S...

Wait, sorry, this vision for the 'Emily Rees Cinematic Universe' isn't working as expected. We need to re-re-REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEboot

That's right, true believers! As a special celebration of shitty comic book movies, I'm changing the stream format especially 4U! I'm going to be streaming 2-3 movies every night this Tuesday through Friday. Why's that? It's mostly to prevent film fatigue. This is a pilot program and, assuming this week goes well, I'll hold it same bat-time and same bat-channel next week.

I'll update the journal nightly with times and queues for the following day's movies:

8/23/2016 - [Starting at 5:00 PM (PST)]: Green Lantern, Iron Man 2 and a mystery film! [Nick Cage is in it] {… }

8/24/2016 - [Starting at 4:00 PM (PST)]: Fant4stic, a 'certain crossover movie' AND Superman 4: The Quest for Peace… ] Note: Aiming to start around 4:00 PM, but IRL factors might delay slightly.

8/25/2016 - [Starting at 5:00 PM]: KAZAM [substitute for Steel. Seriously, look up how difficult it is to find a copy], Spider-Man 3 and something 3 Dev Adam… ]

8/26/2016 - [Starting at 5:00 PM]: Daredevil (2003) or Hulk (2003), Dark Knight Rises and a surprise -…

Week 2 list:

8/30/2016 - [Starting at 5:00 PM] Hulk (2003), Catwoman and another TV movie [… ]

8/31/2016 - [Starting at 5:00 PM] X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Supergirl [80's movie] [… ]

9/1/2016 - [Starting at 5:00 PM] Iron Man 3, LOTS of stuff from the 70's/early 80's, etc.…

9/2/2016 - [Starting at 4:30 PM] Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Judge Dredd [TECHNICALLY, he has crossed over with Batman multiple times], Batman [1966] and a special finishing presentation…

See you there.
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Edit: The core audience won't be available, so there's no point to the experiment. I may try it next week, but only time will tell.

Why do I even bother writing journals at this point?

I've been preparing for a new double-header of streams in the coming weeks with a theme of 'Shitty Marvel' and 'Shitty DC' movies, respectively. Normally, I would post an announcement when I have all of the stuff ready. HOWEVER, here's what I'm thinking: why don't I space out/mix up some of the content to prevent fatigue?

I know that the Sunday 12 - 14 hour streams can be brutal, so maybe we could experiment with a 'two movies' on a random night approach for this subject matter. For example, I have the following arriving in the mail today.

>Superman 4: The Quest for Peace
>Green Lantern [Yes, that one]
>Spider-Man 3
>Iron Man 2 

Would streaming two of those Friday night and then the other two on Saturday night work? Keep in mind that the total film pool will eventually be around 14 movies [potentially higher IF I can get decent quality versions of a few TV movies.] 

Leave comments with ideas and suggestions.
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>over 30 minutes of technical delays
>sound issues throughout the event
>people falling asleep
>Crush 40 member on the floor
>endlessly talking about how Sonic is an 'Entertainment Icon'
>seriously, they need to rely on Totino's Pizza Rolls money
>a major chunk of their hope hinges on the Sonic movie with Sony
>"look at all of these Sonic Dash downloads.... PLEASE"
>showing trailers for that game three times
>the 25th Anniversary game won't come out until 2017
>"I'm a middle-aged woman!"

RIP in Pizza Rolls, Sonic.
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Here's the link:…

See you there.

Yep, you read that title correctly. Consider it my personal celebration of the 'Year of the Fire Money'.

So........ I'll address the stream specifics before delving into the text walls.

'Com8ining the Streams' - July 10th, 2016: Noon - 1:00 AM [PST]

The stream will include the following: [The reason for some inclusions will make sense later.]
  • Ghostbusters (1984)
  • Armageddon
  • Big Money Rustlas [Yes, the second ICP movie]
  • Little Monsters (1989)
  • Ghostbusters 2
  • 50 First Dates
  • Con Air

There will be additional content that will depend on the mood of the stream at the time. It goes without say that things will probably become batshit insane over the course of the stream.

Link will be posted the night before the stream.



The first question you're likely thinking is 'WHY NOW?' After all, I have had a public approach of 'Homestuck is the 9/11 of internet culture' for over five years. What changed?

To be blunt, you can thank my vidya backlog and the fact that 'Let's Read Homestuck' exists. As I've mentioned before, I often like to have something playing alongside games that either involve grinding or have stories so mediocre that they're almost a non-factor. The playlist doesn't cover the full comic, but it contains more than enough of it to 'get' what is happening. [The remaining 3000 pages can be skimmed in a night]

I like the material as a 'completed work' since that removed all of the 'REFRESH'/delays drama that plagued the webcomic before it ended. Then again, that could be the 'positive association' talking since reading it was almost a group effort. Shocker, I know: Emily has friends???????? Of course, I had to have some for the initial 'running joke' to start a long time ago. In fact, enough time has passed since the genesis of the joke that I barely remember the first person to utter it.

Congrats to you, nameless person, you ACCUR8LY chose a character that 'fits' me. I would give you a prize, 8ut I'm pretty sure you h8 my guts now over the whole GG (no REEEEEEEE) thing. 

So, now what to do in this post 'Emily admits she's like Vriska' world? Where were YOU when ALL OF THE IRONS IN THE FIRE converged? 

Homestuck boils down to experiencing multiple groups' tabletop sessions combined into an eventually coherent story with the downside of a LOT of padding/dungeon master dragging out mechanics explanations. For example, all of the dancestor shit is irrelevant outside of why Meenah and Meenah are in the present. The fact Act 6 Act 6 relies on the implementation of 'retcon time travel' says much more than I ever could about the padding.

"Look at all of this shit that happens IF a coin flip happens one way! Oh wait, John teleported in and knocked out Terezi AT THAT MOMENT after sprinkling CLUES throughout time! Despite this, we'll somehow have TWO Vriska's existing simultaneously because of a meta joke making fun of shippers!"

Words that Homestuck will make you hate: Scratch, quadrants. midnight, crew AND Rose [worst girl]

This whole experience has taught me that there are some instance where taboo manages to make things more interesting. Homestuck ended up representing a part of myself that I wasn't entirely ready to face. Did the content itself matter? Not exactly. What did matter is that I managed to overcome that issue in my own way. 

Getting caught was part of my plan. 

8.8/10 - At least the most cancerous elements surrounding it moved onto Undertale

Terezi is 8est girl
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Edit: We are live

Those of you who attended Sunday's stream are no doubt aware that circumstances [The power of Breen] led to delaying Deadpool to another stream. At the same time, I do owe a few 'repeats' to viewers who missed some of the pivotal moments in the history of my broadcast. So why not combine the two into a 'SECRET' stream?… [Starting today at 4:00 PM (PST)]

Content will include the following:
  • The Room
  • Cool Cat Saves the Kids
  • Deadpool
  • Super Mario Bros. Movie [with a twist]
  • Miami Connection
Depending on my prep time, I may be able to include a few surprises throughout. Audience retention will decide whether or not I try more of these spontaneous streams during the Summer. I certainly have enough of a media backlog to possibly make this a weekly thing.

On a technical note, I do apologize for the low bit rate during the last stream. Livestream broadcast forced an update on me and the bit rate was locked at a lower quality. I've fixed these issues and they won't repeat in the future. However, don't forget that this is TOTALLY secret, okay?

Until then........

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We're live!… [Starts at Noon PST]

Edit 2: Don't ask HOW I did it, but I managed to get my hands on the 'cursed' film. Barring an extraordinary incident, everything is ready.

Tentative schedule:

{Preshow gaming starting around 11:30 AM}
1960's Batman
A View to a Kill
Episode VII: The Force Awakens
I Am Here... Now [Neil Breen film #1]
Fateful Findings [Neil Breen film #2]
Some more 1960's Batman

"Kept you waiting, huh?"

This is your gift for a lot of loyalty. [TR-8Rs won't appreciate this meme.]

Sanic stream to come in the following weeks.
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It has been years since I've directly written a journal pertaining to an individual vidya title. See that I've unintentionally advertised Overwatch with my recent shitposting both on dA and Twitter, it is only appropriate that I talk about the beta experience.

Let me get the disclosure out of the way.


Method of obtaining beta access: the '$5 reserve' method via a 'large electronics chain'

System specs/settings:

Settings by EmilyRees

Typical FPS performance: 75 - 128 fps. 60 fps in 'highlight' videos.

Played on a 'burner' account that may become permanent if I buy the title at a later point.

Consequently, my opinions/experience reflect an 'ideal' standpoint hardware and connection [wired connection; ping of 20ms].

I do need to note that I put a lot of time into another game on the side during much of the beta period.

Recent Activity by EmilyRees

AKA: f2p Diablo II with cape shit. I cheesed it in such a way that I didn't pay a cent, BUT that is a potential discussion for another time.

Here's more raw data.

Data by EmilyRees


The best phrase I can use to describe Overwatch is likening it to the early era of Team Fortress 2 minus spy paranoia. The overall experience, as presented in the beta, is pretty balanced on its own with more incentives in place to reward team play than 'xXx_420_dankmemester_2003_MLG_Foxy_xXx' lone wolf approaches in most popular modern FPSes. I'm a pretty picky person when it comes to multiplayer shooters at this point mostly due to how quickly the CoD-style games turnover to the 'new version' and the aforementioned hotheads. [Death Grips for fucking life] That's why my usual 'go-to' multiplayer shooter titles are Splatoon and sporadic older titles. Does Overwatch have the potential to join that group of titles? Yes and no.

There are a few pressing negatives that leave me on edge deciding whether or not I want to pay for the retail release of the game. [That is the 'last minute cancellation' option if a game sucks at launch/has major release issues.] I'm not saying that Error 37 Mark II will happen, but I want the escape option all the same. The biggest issue is the subjective question of longevity. Is there enough content in the game to justify the cost and commitment to a new genre of title from a company with little prior experience in that field? A game could play incredibly well, yet ultimately suffer if the lifespan devolves into a grind for credits to simply unlock the skins/poses you want. I tried to purchase the infamous Tracer 'over the shoulder' pose only to discover than the drop rate for credits is in a particularly obnoxious RNG. Ranking up to Lv. 10 only yielded 55 credits of the 75 necessary to buy the pose. Even then, 50 of those credits were from a lucky 'loot box' drop at Lv. 5. For context, some of the more elaborate skins for characters cost up to 1000 credits each. Compare this to something like Splatoon where a degree of 'scheduling' limits the availability of clothes in conjunction to an 'order' system that allows ordering specific items at a premium. For example, someone could order a particularly fresh item and raise enough coins to cover the cost within a few matches. Overwatch has no such 'credit' generation system outside of the 'drops' with leveling. Disregarding cosmetics, there is still the issue of the game structure only being variants on 'escort' and 'king of the hill'. Something like capture the flag, a staple of the team shooter genre, is nearly impossible due to the certain character's mechanics [Tracer's blinks/Reaper's evasive special/etc.], but it may show up down the line. There is no certainty that interest will remain to that later point where 'additions' are made or, as per Blizzard tradition, there is a full price expansion.

The foreseeable option that would make a 'standalone' expansion justifiable is a campaign/co-op campaign. While viable, this doesn't look to be likely at this point because of Blizzard's mimicry of Valve's 'external exposition' model of shorts and comics for the title. One promotion they're running is nothing more than seeing the cinematics together in a movie theater. Activision Blizzard will likely do whatever they can to milk the game in the coming months, which might be cause enough for some to be hesitant. I can't speak for the console versions, but the T-rating might mean the game because the new 'fad' title for kids between sessions of Minecraft, FNaF ripoffs and M-rated titles their parents bought them. Enough corporate interests are already trying their hardest to shove it into every possible context.

Swap 'ULTIMATE WARRIOR' with Overwatch.

"I came here for one reason — to attack and keep coming. Not to ask but just to give, not to want but just to sing, sing the power of Overwatch, because this freak of nature right here is just beginning to swell, and when I get big enough, brother, there ain’t gonna be room for anybody else but me and all the Overwatch-ers floating through the veins."

All of that said, the positives do create a satisfying 'core experience' that encourages repeated play. Limiting characters to mostly a primary weapon and their particular skills/abilities does prevent players from min/maxing loadouts for whatever exploit hasn't been patched out yet. The 'ultimate' abilities play a lot more along the lines of the 'specials' in Splatoon than the 'kill streak' abilities in CoD-style multiplayer games. Something like Tracer's 'sticky bomb' requires a bit of planning for maximum effect as opposed to 'lawl plasma grenades' from earlier Halo titles. Realistically, someone will likely be able to deploy their ultimate one to three times in a game with effect varying directly on skill. There isn't a Modern Warfare 2 'NUKE' equivalent, thankfully. Mobility proves to be a deciding factor in survivability in most engagements. The speed of engagements is fast enough to keep them interesting, yet not 'arena twitching' speed, if that makes any sense. On a personal note, I do enjoy that the default sound options allow me to employ my 'audio in a background program' quirk. We all know that some games include tedious/boring sections [RPG grinding as the main offender], so I typically have a podcast/audiobook/etc. playing outside of a game in the meantime. Yeah... I'm sure that, to most people, this will translate to better facilitating Ventrilo and other programs. It goes without say that performance was phenomenal on 'Lightning'. [Doesn't everyone name their computers?]

The overall game is fine, yet one's mileage may vary significantly. Overwatch relies HEAVILY on the novelty of its characters/style to separate itself from other multiplayer-only titles like Titanfall and EVOLVE in attempt to keep itself going/avoid failure. Only time will tell if that novelty can keep the title going in a market that otherwise focuses around f2p and 'lower cost' price models. If you're the type who wants to buy the $40 digital 'game only' PC option, then you're better off waiting to see how the 'meta' progresses for a few months. For everyone else, the value is completely subjective.

I found myself wanting to play 'more' near the end [I likely will after posting this journal]. Simultaneously, there is the reality that I played a LOT more of an older Blizzard title clone than their actual 'GREAT NEW' title. I'm still unsure whether or not I'm going to 'act' on my reserve.

8.5/10 [As a beta experience; not a reflection of the released product]
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